In 1919 women* in Germany fought successfully for their right to vote. 100 years later reactionary forces are still strengthened worldwide, existing injustices are further reinforced and even already achieved goals are threatened.

As old as the fighting for women’s suffrage are the struggles for the abortion law. As a relic from the German Empire, abortion is still treated as a criminal offense (according to §218 StGB). According to §219a, medical doctors may not provide information about the fact, that they are performing abortions. Therefore, the access to legal abortion is immensely impeded. Nonetheless, physicians resist against the law to inform about the treatment possibilities. Meanwhile, self-organized „underground“ structures are founded to advise people with uterus. The protest for a self-determined life is becoming louder and more and more visible.

Throughout the whole world, almost every woman* experiences violence during her life – especially in families and relationships. These cases often are not taken seriously by government structures, and persons concerned must even expect to be accused of joint guilt. Sexual violence is a permanent threat – on the street, escape or even in your own home. Women* of color are exoticized due to their social markings in this white society, exposing not only sexism but also racism. Moreover, the idea of a two-sex and heterosexual social order forcibly hinders life-plans. But in this regard, there is more and more resistance, along with Wendo courses, girl gangs or self-organized female* refugees.

Capitalism and patriarchy are responsible for the fact that women* are still paid worse than men* – even if they do the same job. Women* are more affected by precarious employment in the low-paid sector, part-time jobs and old-age poverty. In addition to the exploitative condition of wage-labour, women* are still responsible for unpaid care- and housework. For these reasons, more than 6 million people have been on strike in Spain in 2018, to draw attention to the unequal distribution of resources and power.

A social order with a male, cis-sexual, white, abled, bourgeois and heterosexual norm benefits from this violence, exploitation and discrimination. Everything that deviates from this norm is demeaned. We will not take that! Come with us on the road, on March 8, 2019! Stand up for a self-determined, beautiful life as well as an identity-sensitive and supportative togetherness – without blokes, patriarchs and exploitation!

March 8th 2019 – Demonstration – 5PM, Alter Markt

After-Action-Concert – starting 9PM, Insel der Jugend, Maybachstraße